The CANARIAS CULTURAL - International Spanish School specialises in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. But, our school also wants to offer the quality of life of a wonderful city, a quiet, family atmosphere, in which direct contact makes it much easier to communicate, learn the language and get to know our customs.

We are a medium sized Spanish language school (between 50 and 60 students). There is a close and direct relationship between students, teachers and the management, enabling students to learn and speak Spanish from the very first moment. We also have everything we need (a wide range of didactic materials) for teaching and learning the Spanish language.

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Our teachers, philologists who have specialised in teaching Spanish to foreigners, continue to work with- and devellop the best teaching methods, with a view to making the task of learning Spanish an enjoyable and effective one, combining teaching methods and adapting them to the specific needs of each group. Right from the first day, the classes are in Spanish. The Spanish language classes offer a happy and dynamic atmosphere. An agreeable working atmosphere is sometimes just as important as a good grammar book.

The aim of our service is not only to learn Spanish, but also to enable you to understand Spanish and Latin American society in all is facets, using methods such as reading newspapers, showing films, listening to lectures and talks, excursions, visits to different areas of the city, etc.

In Santa Cruz, a city that is not on the normal tourist routes, you can learn and enjoy your stay walking its streets and boulevards and, what is even more important, meeting and getting to know the city's inhabitants, who are always hospitable and friendly to visitors.

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To maintain our high teaching standards, classes are small groups that vary between a minimum of three and a maximum of ten students, giving all of them plenty of chance to participate.

Our Spanish language school, located in one of the most attractive areas of the city, is just 50 m off the main boulevard of Santa Cruz, next to Parque Garcia Sanabria, and a 3-minute walk from the centre of the city. Apart from classrooms, we also have a multimedia room: television, video, music, computers with free access to the Internet, etc. available to Spanish language course students.

We also encourage the "exchange", which puts our students in contact with Spanish students interested in foreign languages. This way, our students get to know each other and get together to talk in greater depth about the things they are interested in. This way, our students are quickly integrated in the city's social life as they start making Spanish friends.

In our Spanish courses, the student is the key; a fundamental member who plays an active part in the learning process. We consider the teacher to be a "guide" to orient his students, so that they can learn to make the most, not only of what they learn in class, but also of what they pick up in the street without realising, thanks to the fact that they join in the Spanish social life.

We have, therefore, chosen a flexible method, underpinned by a grammatical foundation, which will enable students to learn a valid Spanish that can be used in any situation in the Spanish-speaking world and with anyone who speaks Spanish. A universal Spanish that starts with books to reach its main objective: communication.

To make learning more effective, our groups have a ceiling of ten students. We believe that teaching is productive when it is personalised.

On the first day, there is a written and spoken test to assess the standard of each student, in order to put him in the right group.


Summing it up, Las Islas Canarias make the perfect location for an educational vacation. Study Spanish at Tenerife is a garanteed success that will benefit your life in many ways. Get to know the Spanish Culture and feel Santa Cruz, de Tenerife while studying one of the most important language of the world.

Find more information about the Prices for the Spanish language courses at our Spanish school, the Activities we offer outside the Spanish classes during your Spanish study, the General Conditions for our Spanish language courses & the Enrollment procedures for Spanish language courses are.

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